Why didn’t we change her name?

We’re often asked about her name, and yes, we briefly thought about changing it! Are you familiar with the movie ‘Poseidon Adventure’ from 1972 or the remake in 2005, where the SS Poseidon capsizes?

So we researched changing a boat’s name and found some interesting information. Legend has it that every vessel name is recorded in the ‘Ledger of the Deep’ and known personally to Poseidon, god of the sea. To change the name of a vessel without consulting Poseidon is to invoke his wrath. Superstition suggests that if you don’t rename a boat properly, you could be doomed to a lifetime of bad luck. (We’re not superstitious but we don’t bring bananas on our boat either!)

The process involved in changing a boat’s name can be summarised as follows:

1. Denaming the vessel

Purging the old name from the Ledger of the deep and from Poseidon’s memory, by removing every references to her name. 

2. Denaming ceremony

Invoking the name of the ruler of the deep, and asking him to remove and forget the boat’s name. Then pouring champagne into the sea.

3. Renaming ceremony

Calling Poseidon again, asking for the winds’ blessing and pouring more champagne into the sea.

Personally, I think that sounded like a waste of champagne!  But, I also read that you can placate the gods by having a virgin pee in the bilge. Problem with this was finding one!

But more to the point, can you ever purge a boat’s name from Poseidon’s memory when you are asking him to forget his own name? And would we invoke Poseidon’s wrath even more by wanting to change the name that is, after all, his?

So all this proved just too complicated. 

We decided to keep the fantastic name and drink champagne ourselves!

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