Thanks for checking out my blog – a random collection of posts about stuff we’re doing or places we’re going! As at 5 April, 2020, we were not going to many places unless it was essential travel. However, that changed at 26 June when we commenced our passage north.

Also, to let you know, I receive no sponsorship or payment for any of these posts. Feel free to comment or share links to posts you feel might be of interest to others.

Cheers, Pam

Current posts

Port Stephens Pictorial

This Port Stephens Pictorial shows photos taken during our stay at Soldiers Point Marina, Port Stephens.  These were taken with a Samsung Galaxy S10+ phone.

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Passage replanning

When we started on this adventure, I knew weather and tides would be a big factor for passage planning, but I think it’s fair to

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A Foredeck Refurb

In December 2019 we started a refurbishment of our boat’s foredeck and we finally finished mid-May 2020. Our foredeck refurb included: Removing and replacing the

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Job Satisfaction

It’s been a busy couple of weeks on Poseidon. What was initially going to be a quick ‘out of water’ boat survey, so that we

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Brooklyn’s Boat Boneyard

AKA, “Where old boats go to die“. I like exercising and with the current social distancing requirements, due to the coronavirus pandemic, I recently started

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