Sorry, this isn’t about our twin caterpillar engines, it’s about cats on a boat! This page is for those who like pics of Vinnie and Radar, who were litter brothers we rescued from the RSPCA in November 2019. They wear their harnesses when they go out on deck – black for Vinnie and red for Radar – in case they fall in the water and we need to hook them out. And yes, recently Radar did, but it was too dark to see him, I panicked and forgot to grab the boat hook. Luckily, he managed to swim to me and I got him out. But I was prepared to jump into the water and rescue him!


The boys are growing up and are now about 16 months old! 

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Recently, both Vinnie and Radar have been for a swim – not intentionally. Vinnie managed to slide down the back cover into the water at Hervey Bay. He got out (must have climbed the fender) very quickly. Radar misjudged the distance at the dock the other evening and had to be hauled out of the water (by his harness) as he was too far from the fenders. Both had a rinse in fresh water and were towel dried and seemed no worse for wear.


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