Lake Macquarie Pictorial

This Lake Macquarie Pictorial shows photos taken during our stay at Lake Macquarie. These were taken with a Samsung Galaxy S10+ phone.

If you want to read about our passage from Brooklyn, take a look at my blog Brooklyn to Lake Macquarie. If you want to read about our passage to Newcastle, take a look at my blog Lake Macquarie to Newcastle. For summary details, take a look at our ship’s log.

9 Responses

  1. Hi Pam, thanks for the updates, great scenery and experiences. Look forward to the next instalment !! Pam W

    1. Hi May, ginger helps to reduce/relieve seasickness. It must be working because we feel fine!

  2. This looks absolutely amazing. You are having the time of your lives. 🌹🌹💕💕

    1. Hi Sharyn, just my Samsung phone camera. It’s hit and miss for me really, just take a lot of pics and hope for a couple of good ones!

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