Should you serve bolognaise with rice?

Should you serve bolognaise with rice? This question arose during our recent cruise with our son and his girlfriend. A second, related question, was should you serve beef curry with pasta? Perhaps you’re getting a feel for what might have happened! While we’ve been busy in Townsville, we also wanted to explore further north. Initially, […]

Ephemera Townsville

Over a ten-day period, The Strand was converted into the seaside sculptural exhibition, Ephemera (meaning things that exist or are used or enjoyed for only a short time). This major event happens every two years and we were lucky to be here to see the showcase of talent by many artists, including students from local schools. This […]

Pinch me – we’re in Townsville

I cannot believe we’re in Townsville and sometimes I feel like it’s all a dream, so pinch me!   What’s also amazing is to realise was that we left America’s Bay on 28 June 2020 for the first leg of our journey to Townsville (covered in my blog Brooklyn to Lake Macquarie) and we arrived in Townsville […]

An alphabet of boat names

I’ve always been curious about the boat names people choose. Did they name the boat originally, keep the boat name they inherited, or change the name to something meaningful to them. We have often been asked about the name Poseidon, which we inherited and decided to keep as explained in my blog Why didn’t we […]

Too many islands, too little time!

We left Mackay on Thursday 10 June to go island hopping in the Whitsundays as we made our way to Airlie Beach. With over 70 islands to choose from, there were just too many islands and too little time to see them all, so we’ve had a little “taste-tester” and we’ll go back and visit […]

Keppel Bay to Mackay – Part 2

This is Part 2 of our trip from Keppel Bay Marina to Mackay. This part covers from Island Head Creek to Hexam Island, then to Middle Percy Island and Curlew Island, and finally into Mackay.  Part 1 covered the cruise from Keppel Bay Marina to Port Clinton and to Island Head Creek, where we stayed […]

Keppel Bay to Mackay – Part 1

After spending a most enjoyable 11 days exploring Keppel Bay and surrounds, it was time to continue north.  The plan was to anchor at Port Clinton and then Island Head Creek. From there we would decide whether to anchor at either Hunter or Hexam Island, before heading to Middle Percy Island. From Middle Percy we’d […]

Exploring Keppel Bay and Surrounds

You can see from the accompanying photo that it was a bit windy while we were in Keppel Bay! We spent 11 days there, due to excessive wind and swell. When the swell is more than about 1-1.5m and hits us directly from the east, the boat rocks side to side and makes travelling quite […]

We’ve reached the tropics!

This post covers our trip from Gladstone to Keppel Bay, via Hummocky Island.  We continue to head north seeking warmer weather as I explained in my previous blog, winter is coming, and after passing the latitude of 23°26′11.4 we are officially in the tropics!   Our cruise from Gladstone to Hummocky Island After six days at […]

Bundaberg to Gladstone, via Pancake Creek

‘Winter is coming‘ was going to be the title of this blog, but I decided it was a bit too cliched! But we continue to head north, seeking warmer weather. This post is about our journey from Bundaberg to Gladstone, with three nights at Pancake Creek and is highlighted by this image. As always, I […]