An alphabet of boat names

I’ve always been curious about the boat names people choose. Did they name the boat originally, keep the boat name they inherited, or change the name to something meaningful to them. We have often been asked about the name Poseidon, which we inherited and decided to keep as explained in my blog Why didn’t we change her name? 

But over the last year I’ve come across some funny, punny, and interesting names. There’ve been names I’ve heard on the VHF radio and had a giggle at. In theory, in NSW you make a call to marina rescue saying their name three times and your boat name three times initially. Try saying “Marine Rescue Newcastle, Marine Rescue Newcastle, Marine Rescue Newcastle, this is Hurtle Turtle, Hurtle Turtle, Hurtle Turtle.”  Or, “Double Bubble” … I would probably get tongue-tied. 

Then there are some other names, like She Got The House (obviously a break-up), Me & Mrs Jones (owned by the Jones’s) ,The Codfather, The Rodfather, Wet Dreams, Stella, Shagga Muffin, and Kids Inheritance, that all give me a chuckle, as well as names I should have  taken note of but was busy at the time. More recently I’ve read about a boat named “Zombies Can’t Swim” that I found particularly amusing, perhaps for my love of The Walking Dead and other zombie shows. 

Anyway, I’ve been snapping photos of boats and put together an ‘alphabet of boat names’ mostly for my own amusement! I’ve also observed a plethora of boat names starting with S and struggled to choose just one, so I decided to create a list of others as well. And conversely, boat names starting with the letters X and Y seemed surprisingly hard to find. 




Others that nearly made the alphabet list!

And by virtue of including them here, I guess they have!

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  1. Hi we initially had problems getting into your site. Some great boat names. What an adventure. Hope you continue to have a great time😘

  2. Love it, thinking about all these names mean to different peeps, how they came up with them.
    As kids our family boat used to be called “ Ze-Zik-Azel” and our row boat was “Ze-Zik-Azel-2”…………
    Translation……….Seasick as hell……..and Seasick as hell 2………named by a very dear Uncle….

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