Berthed in Brooklyn, NSW (April 2020)

In 2013, my husband (Robert) and I purchased a 1980 Ocean Alexander MK1 raised pilot house trawler, named Poseidon. Our plan was to learn about the boat, make improvements, practise, practise, practise, and eventually cruise the east coast of Australia.

Fast forward to 2020…I’ve joined Robert in retirement, our son is self-sufficient, we’ve sold our home and we’re getting ready to make this amazing voyage. 

Navigating the Poseidon Adventures

  • Before you begin, you might want to read my short blog post – It’s OK not to be prefect – to understand my approach to this site.
  • If you just want to look at photos of our boat, go to the Gallery
  • If you prefer technical details, go to About Poseidon.
  • To read my random posts about stuff we are doing or places we’re going, go to my Blog.
  • For a summary of key events, go to the Ship’s Log.

I hope there’s a little something for everyone here and you enjoy the Poseidon Adventures. 

Cheers, Pam

Having been asked recently if we might provide some background about us, here goes. We both worked in IT. Robert was a Solution Architect and I was a Change Manager. If interested in more, feel free to view us on LinkedIn,  Pam and Robert. Brevity is good!